The Association of Behavioral Health Contractors of Sacramento County (ABHC) was founded in the early 1980’s to create an alliance of community-based agencies serving as a collective voice for agencies contracted with the Sacramento County Division of Behavioral Health Services.

Nineteen contracted agencies provide 90% of the behavioral health services in the county and employ over 700 behavioral health professionals to provide services to 27,000 of Sacramento County’s most vulnerable adults and children. Services range from basic outpatient treatment to intensive community based supports.

Contractors are vital to addressing issues such as homelessness, drug and alcohol use, the preservation of families, and decreasing costs associated with psychiatric hospitalization and criminal justice involvement.

The result of these efforts is a safer Sacramento County for all citizens.


Currently the ABHC is advocating to the Department of Behavioral Health Services and the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors for:

  • Cost of living increase to contracts. A true cost of living that is directed toward increased wages for employees and not expansions in service.
  • Fair reimbursement rates that reflect current labor force issues and increased costs.
  • A system to address cost of living needs going forward.



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The ABHC will act as a collective voice for community behavioral health providers, ensuring adequate resources and supports in the provision of effective, community-informed services , and a collaborative relationship with Sacramento County Department Of Behavioral Health.


Sacramento county’s behavioral health community will have the support, knowledge, and funding to provide exceptional behavioral health services that enhance the greater Sacramento County community and promotes the value of employment in the service of others.


  • To support the development of high quality, cost-effective, community based behavioral health services that meet the needs of the citizens of Sacramento County.
  • To improve effectiveness of behavioral health services provided to the public by increasing coordination and cooperation among member agencies.
  • To advocate for behavioral health services provided by the public and private sector including, but not limited to, adequate funding to ensure high quality, effective services, and fair, consistent administrative and contracting practices by Sacramento County DBHS.
  • To develop and maintain positive, respectful, constructive, and collaborative relationships between the Association and contractor agencies and Sacramento County BBHS.
  • To promote sharing of knowledge and resources and to provide collegial support among the member agencies.
  • To serve as a consistent clearinghouse for information and coordination between the agencies and Sacramento County DBHS.
  • To maximize, ensure and publicize the complimentary nature of the partnership of public and private behavioral health services.
  • To be involved in proposing legislation and/or County ordinances that has a bearing on the delivery of behavioral health services.
  • To increase recognition and appreciation for the significant contributions of the private sector in the delivery of behavioral health services.
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Recovery Focus – ABHC supports the development and operation of services that are high-quality, cost-effective, community-based, consumer and family –driven.

Collaboration – ABHC strives to support coordination and cooperation among member agencies and between member agencies and the Division of Behavioral Health.

Advocacy – ABHC advocates for providers to the Division of Behavioral Health to ensure adequate funding and fair contracting practices for providers that result in effective, high-quality services.

 Respect– ABHC highlights the diverse strengths of the provider community and the role they play in meeting the needs of Sacramento County’s most vulnerable citizens.

Mentorship– ABHC promotes the sharing of knowledge and resources among member agencies.

Community Informed – ABHC strives to ensure that the partnership between providers and the Division of Behavioral Health results in services that meet the diverse needs of our local communities.

Politically Active – ABHC proposes and influences legislation at all levels of local government that impact the delivery of behavioral health services.


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If you have any questions about ABHC, please contact us using the form below.